Your Perfect Traditional Caparison


Decorate your home with highly auspicious Nettipattam which resembles God.


The Traditional Caparison

Decorate your home with highly auspicious Nettippattam which resembles God. May the world recognises the ethnic culture of India. Keeping caparisons at homes will bring prosperity and blessings.

4 Feet

Rs. 6,750/-

3 Feet

Rs. 4,200/-

2.5 Feet

Rs. 3,150/-

2 Feet

Rs. 2,690/-

1.5 Feet

Rs. 1,190/-

1 Feet

Rs. 945/-

About Us.

How the history made

Traditional Art and Crafts is based at Guruvayur, Thrissur, Kerala. 

We are one of the e-commerce making and selling small and big Nettipattam for wall mounting. We are making 1 feet to 5 feet nettipattams to our customers.

Netti means forehead in Malayalam and nettipatam meaning is a forehead decoration for the elephants. After elephant festivals it is used for wall mounting. Now a days it is commonly used to decorate the homes and offences. Elephants are an integral part of India during festivals especially in Kerala.  In other parts of our country elephants are painted on their foreheads but in Kerala they are usually decorated with the nettipatam and other ornaments. Original Nettipattam is made of copper and finished with gold. Nettipatams are mainly put for the male elephants during the festivals in Kerala.

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We are located in “Sree Loka Vykundam” The Temple town at Guruvayur,Thrissur District,Kerala,India.

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